What is happening?

The past few weeks have been odd for me and if I'm honest with myself and everyone else I've felt a decline in how I have been feeling. But why? Things are looking up on lockdown aren't they? Things are moving forwards so why do I feel like I'm going backwards? During even the worst… Continue reading What is happening?

If I could travel anywhere.

This was a poem written for a poem and writing competition. This is about travelling somewhere in your imagination, which I think is quite important in a time in our lives where we can't go anywhere we like. If I could travel anywhere, I'd travel near and far. If I could travel anywhere, I'd go… Continue reading If I could travel anywhere.

New Addition to my Blog

My son has taken to writing poetry in Lockdown and would like to share it with the world in an attempt to cheer everyone up. From today, a new section of my blog will be hosted by this new talent! Welcome to "A Poem a Day Keeps The Blues Away"